Students of Architecture facing the 21st Century Challenges


  • Salome KAKHABERI


Abstract: The paper aims at outlining a current state of architecture in general and specifically in Georgia. It emphasizes the problem of the architecture schools raising young architects with the academic target of responding to the modern challenges of urban designing. The paper concerns the highly individualistic expressions reflected globally in the modern architecture of the world’s developed countries with the technically and aesthetically innovative forms. We will discuss the concept of smart cities, which involves informative and communicative technologies providing the improved quality of urban services.

While outlining the issues of modern architecture, it is very important to discuss how modern architecture is trying to cope with the growing problems, such as deficit of resources, growing population and grappling with politics. Moreover, we will overview the currently dominant problem of ownership of public spaces with the example of Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, that leads to chaotic urban development with the impact of poor housing conditions and hindering the protection of cultural heritage. Above all, it should not be overlooked, how modern educational system struggles to prepare qualified architects in our country, including the problem of the deficit of technological and financial resources, which are crucial in the field of architecture.

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Bachelor’s Student Georgia Technical University Tbilisi, Georgia