The Transformation of Emotional Outsiderism of the First Year Students via Social Psycho Drama

  • Silvia ROTARU


Abstract: In the article, the phenomenon content of socio-emotional outsiderism is under study. The first year students are analyzed in terms of personality psychology of Adler, Freud, Iung and social psychology of Moreno. We come with an idea, that the emotional aspect serves as one of outsiderism determinants in a small group dynamics. The significant conditions for transformation are founded, taking into account the role of reflective thinking in turning a passive personality into a pro-active one. Age peculiarities, emotional descriptors, student status and social roles descriptors are synthesised. Socio-drama is presented as a program of social role internalization of a pro-active personality-to be.

Biographie de l'auteur-e

University Lecturer, Phd Student Moldova State University Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova