21st Century in the Works of Ilia Chavchavadze



As Iakob Gogebashvili put it, “probably no other world genius had such an impact on his nation as Ilia Chavchavadze had on Georgia”. Ilia mapped out the future path of the country1.1. He focused on the area of education planting the seeds of education for Georgians.2. Thinking that monetary communications are important for national identity the very first Georgian bank was formed upon his initiative.3. Ilia greatly contributed to the virtual communication space, well tested by than in Europe, development of the press, which facilitated the Enlightenment efforts. This scheme of new identities, which the public figure had formulated in slogan Motherland, Language, Faith, is certainly European.The Tergdaleuli (literally: those who crossed the Tergi river, border with Russia) ideology of Ilia and his fellow thinkers was based on the European state of mind, which is based on personal freedom, development, and wealth through hard work. Ilia attempted to establish civil ethics, which by its nature socially and politically was developed by the Western, i.e. Euro-American thought. Ilia deemed that freedom of speech and thought was a significant achievement.Today, the foundation of the Georgian state should be sought in the 19th century Georgian socio-political thinking when Georgians adequately realized, evaluated, and described Georgia under the Russian colonial rule. When introducing the Western political values into Georgian socio-political thought, we should recall Traveler’s Letters, which is considered by the Georgian literary historians a mission statement of Chavchavadze’s activity. Moreover, in political terms, for the Georgian society it became a manifestation for the creation of a national state.