Creative Industries: Preparing for University and a Future Medical Career

  • Laura Ioana LEON


Abstract: Nowadays it is extremely important for prospective students at Medical schools, but also for young doctors to be able to „sell themselves”. Basically we refer to those important moments in one’s career when somebody has to know exactly how to put his / her skills to good use. On the one hand we speak about the whole process of getting admitted in a university (application forms, CVs, personal statements) and then about the later stage when a young doctor is confronted with the challenges of finding a job and surviving in the medical system. In the latter stage young doctors will need to know how to write a letter of application and how approach a job interview. When it comes to surviving in the business, doctors need to be able to perform scientific research and, consequently, to have academic writing skills. Social media is not a domain that should be left out when we talk about careers nowadays. On the contrary, it has a lot do to with the idea of being successful. All these ideas will be discussed from the perspective of the foreign language courses that Romanian medical students take in the first two years of study at the „Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi. The aim of the paper is to show the ways in which students can learn to effectively use their writing and communication skills in order to achieve their goals in their medical careers.